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Las Vegas Garage Doors | NYE Hours

Are you ready for a new year? 2016 is basically here already! So, you might be wondering what our NYE hours are going to be in case you run into any issues or emergencies with your garage door. Luckily we will have someone available to not only answer your call but to come out and actually work on your door any time day or night even on New Years Eve!

When you have a broken garage door it is a huge signal to people that your home will be easy to break into. This is even more a risk when everyone is drinking and partying because it will give people even more reason to be on the prowl. We never want you to be a target for theft and keeping your garage door tightly sealed and working is part of keeping you safe.

If your garage door isn’t working right or you come home after your party and find the door not working right please call us right away. We won’t charge you any extra for the service to be the same day or even an emergency call. We want you safe and sound and to be able to start the new year with good energy!



At first homeowner James Shy thought burglars were causing the noise he heard outside his house, a noise so loud and sudden that it roused him from a deep sleep. But police said a drunk driver was to blame for ramming into Shy’s garage.

Until a loud noise gave him a rude awakening that early Friday morning in St. Charles County, Shy had slept peacefully. Once his eyes were open, he quickly realized that the noise he heard was no prowler. It was the sound made by someone repeatedly ramming a vehicle into his garage door. He knew that sound well — Gloria wasn’t the first to ram a vehicle into his garage, crumpling the garage door like an aluminum soda can. No, there had been many, many others. Many other women, many other garage doors. The installation and repair man had attended his last birthday party.

Shy told police that the driver was wasted, and didn’t want to get out of the vehicle. When Shy finally coaxed her, she needed help to climb out of the car and towards Shy’s front steps. From there, the two of them had a perfect view of Shy’s latest garage door disaster. The classic wooden carriage doors he’d gone for last time were pulled from their hinges. Both were splintered in two. Some part of him knew that that was a sign. A metaphor.

“I think he was so out of it, he didn’t even know where he was. He probably didn’t know he ran off the road,” Shy told the local news outlet. Then he went out. He had a ritual. First stop, his local commercial home improvement store, where he’d pick out another new garage door, for the umpteenth time. Maybe next time the garage door should be fiberglass, so it can break without shattering into a million tiny pieces.

Las Vegas Garage Doors | Christmas Cheer

It is that time of the year! One of our personal favorites here at Las Vegas Garage Doors…we love Christmas. It is actually the time dedicated to spending quality time with our families that we love most about this time of the year. With that being said we also want to let you know that we will be here to help you out of any garage door issue no matter when it happens. We value you so much that we are willing to sacrifice a bit of our own family time to make sure you don’t miss any time with your precious ones on the Holiday’s. So, if something happens to your door even on Christmas Day please call us in to help! We will get a tech to you asap and the cost will be the same as it would be on any other day of the year.

Another reminder is to make sure you hang your Christmas lights and decorations safely on the exterior of your home. There are specific rules and guidelines to follow when putting them up and we just want you to make sure and follow them very carefully so you have less of a chance of getting hurt. If you aren’t sure how to hang the lights is t is much better to find out from a professional rather than risk your own safety trying to figure it out on your own.

Always wishing you safety and good cheer!


How do you test the integrity of local businesses? According to the network TV school of investigative reporting, all you need to do is set up a few cameras. That’s the method preferred by Inside Edition, the news program known for exposing the seedy underbelly of American business. The show recently set its sights on a new industry in need of scrutiny: garage door opener installation and repair. They ran their sting operation out of a home in suburban New Jersey; undercover reporter Lisa Guerrero signed on to play the unsuspecting homeowner whose garage door opener is in need of service.

The set up was simple: First, Guerrero and crew tampered with a functional garage door opening system. They asked Andrew Cimmino, Vice President of Northeast Door Association and owner of Christie Overhead Door, to do a full inspection of the rented home’s garage door opener. “This door is in perfect working order,” Cimmino said. “I would not suggest any repairs.” It was Cimmino who adjusted the garage door opener’s sensors until they were out of alignment, preventing the garage door opener from closing the garage door. It’s a common problem, one which is simple to fix. However, Guerrero’s hidden cameras caught not one but two garage door opener techs as they attempted to swindle her out of hundreds of dollars for unnecessary parts and repairs.

Although many repairmen did simply re-align the sensor and charge Guerrero only a service fee, one told her that the problem with her garage door opener was that it needed new springs at a cost of $500. Another went so far as to rip the sensor from its wires (Guerrero excused herself, then watched from a control room) before claiming that he had found it that way. When confronted, the first repairman simply returned to his vehicle. The other maintained his innocence, even when Guerrero told him that cameras had caught his every move.

Las Vegas Garage Doors | Beware the Kids on Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching there are a few things you want to keep in mind when it comes to your garage door. The first thing is to make sure your door is working right. You don’t want to have any kids or animals get caught underneath it if it happens to fall or malfunction. You never know if someone in your home might accidentally hit the garage door opener when you aren’t expecting and with all the kids out trick or treating this is not the time to be worried that one of the safety functions isn’t going to work right.

Another thing to keep in mind is having someone watching out the window as often as possible on Halloween when everyone is out and about. There have been some cases of rowdy kids throwing pumpkins at garage doors. This might sound funny but can actually be very dangerous and destructive. With enough force a pumpkin thrown at a garage door can actually damage the entire door and make it go off track which means you won’t be able to open or close the door. This can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs, so it is best to be on alert this time of year and if you hear any kids that sound like they are up to no good just keep an eye out for them.


Do you own a home? Does that home have an automatic garage door opener? Has this ever happened to you? Have you pulled away from your home in a hurry, one hand on the wheel, one hand on your smart phone, your eyes flicking back and forth from its screen to the road while you barely register your neighbor waving from his front lawn as you speed off towards another work day, only to arrive at work with no idea whether you closed your garage door or not? Have you ever sat at your desk for a full five minutes, mentally retracing your steps from the coffee maker to your car as you try in vain to remember: Did I close the garage door when I left home for work today? Or is my garage door left open for the likes of all manner of thieves, vandals, nosy neighbors, errant children, and wild animals to wander in and peep all of my mess, plus complete unfettered access to my actual home and all of my belongings via my home’s interior door? Did I turn the stove off?

In the past, you’d never know. You’d spend the first half of your day in a state of mild anxiety before rushing home on your lunch break to either lower the garage door or find that it was down the whole time. Next time I’ll pay attention! you vow. And you do, until the next time that you oversleep and miss your optimal traffic-evading window, and then you’ll be left scratching your head again, all because of the garage door. Not anymore.

Now, you remember the app you downloaded, the one connected to your Smart Home and your home’s automatic garage door opener. Now you can pull up the app on your phone, and close your garage door at the rub of a button on that same smart phone screen that distracted you in the first place, no matter where you are in the world. From your desk, you can close the garage door. Relief!

Safety Spotlight: Garage Door Opener Safety

Since January 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has required that all garage door openers have an external entrapment protection system; an important feature for garage door opener safety. This means an electronic signal is aligned with the opening and mounted approximately six inches off the floor. If anything, like a pet or a child running out of the garage while the garage door is operating, hits is detected by the sensors, the door will stop and reverse to the open position.
The CPSC requires this because the auto-reversing feature has significantly reduced personal injury and property damage — so much so that in 2001 the CPSC moved to include automatic security gates have the same function.
As a further precaution, you should mount the keypad wall control out of children’s reach — at least five feet from the floor — and in a location where users can clearly see the moving door.
In case all else fails and someone or something is pinned by the garage door, it is important to know how to use the emergency release. You simply pull down on the short rope hanging from the operator motor. Look about half way down the garage door opening track and look for the red handle.  This feature disconnects a garage door opener system from the door so you can lift it by hand.
Many older systems reverse only after contact or worse, some older models don’t reverse automatically at all. If your garage door is more than 10 years old, consider upgrading to a newer, safer garage door opener.  Call Las Vegas Garage Doors at (800) 221 – 0949 to get information on updating or upgrading your garage door opener.


“Securing your home is simple. Just close and lock your garage door.” That’s the advice doled out by Bevard County, Florida sheriff Wayne Ivey in the “Bevard County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Crime Prevention Tip From the Desk of Sheriff Wayne Ivey,” a video series published by local paper of record, The Space Coast Daily, unofficial winner of best newspaper name in the history of Florida or garage security videos.
In the video probably filmed on the Sheriff’s own smart phone, Ivey encourages Bevardians to watch what happens when famed criminals the Bevard Bandits find a home with a garage door left open. What happens is the thieves — two white males dressed all in black, their faces and identities obscured by a balaclava ski mask and a red bandana — abscond with a pair of tennis rackets, a bicycle, and a rolling tool chest while Sherif Ivey just looks on. Once the thieves are out of capturing distance, the garage door inexplicably closes.
When the Bevard Bandits return to find a garage door that’s closed and locked, they run right into it and fall over onto the ground, which is exactly what would happen in life. The would-be garage thieves, this time thwarted by a closed garage door, writhe in the driveway until a member of the honorable Bevard County Police Force grabs the scoundrels by the collar and drags them off.
“To keep this from happening to you, simply lock and close your garage door. By doing that, you’re keeping yourself from becoming crime’s next victim,” says Bevard County’s head of law enforcement. Sheriff Ivey has a way of explaining things that makes him really easy to follow.
It takes only one viewing of this brief video to see that securing your garage door is the most effective way to protect your home and valuables from prowlers. “That’s what happens to Bevard Bandits when everybody works together,” says Ivey.


Shopping for a new garage door can be arduous. There are many features and conditions to consider, each with its own limitations and merits. One thing to consider is the type of material your garage door should be made of, a decision that can affect your wallet, determine maintenance, and contribute to (or detract from) energy costs. . .  Which is why garage door material matters.

Garage doors are typically made of steel of varying thicknesses, wood, wood composite, or fiberglass. A steel door is the most common choice for homeowners looking for a door that is reasonably priced, durable, and pretty low maintenance. Another benefit of steel doors is that they’re available in practically any garage door style you can think of (it can even be bought in textures that look like wood!). A few caveats about steel doors, however: Steel makes a poor insulator, so invest in an insulated door to save energy and to reduce noise. Steel doors also vary in thickness, and therefore durability, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. An errant basketball could dent a low cost steel garage door, but a top quality steel door will have thicker steel panels that will be able to stand up to a basketball, a runaway bicycle, and more.

Solid wood doors are another common option because wood garage doors still appeal to homeowners who like a tradition styles and materials. A home that features an attractive stain grade wood door will likely turn a few heads, but there may be more drawbacks than benefits to the material. For example, wood is better than steel for insulating, but an insulated steel door is actually better for conserving energy. And a wood door needs frequent maintenance and regular refinishing. However: composite wood garage doors — made with recycled wood fibers — are superior to solid wood doors with regards to their tendency to rot or split. Aluminum and fiberglass doors are the least common.

Las Vegas Garage Doors | Open on Holiday’s

Holiday’s are the best. We especially love Labor Day because it is the last big hurrah at the end of the summer before all the kids go back to school. If you ran into any issues with your garage door yesterday and you waited to call us until today because you were worried that you wouldn’t find a garage door company that was open or that it would cost you a lot more money because it was a Holiday then you missed out on getting your garage door repaired as quickly as you could have.

The awesome thing about Las Vegas Garage Doors is that we actually have someone ready to help at all times. We will literally send someone to help you any day of the year no matter what time of the day or night it is. We charge the exact same amount for emergency repairs and same day service even on Holiday’s that we do for our regular scheduled services. We do this because we know how important it is to have your garage door working correctly and that it is actually a big part of your family’s safety. That is why we will do everything we can try and get to you and get your garage back in top working form, but we can’t do that unless you call us and let us know you are having a problem!

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